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November 2015


  • Nov 5 – first snow of the season (more like hail/ice but whatever the ground was white
  • Hoke had a veteran’s day celebration where his class had a 45 minute choreagraphed event – pretty cute to watch
  • Nov 11 – first real snow
  • We went to the mountains one weekend and the kids discovered sledding again on the hill in front of the house
  • Hoke and hiked to the river and down the river – we were out long enough that on our way back up hill he was crawling
  • Baby Sims was born!! And i got to meet him just a few hours after delivery (in his delivery room)
  • Guion gave his first book report on lions – he worked hard and practiced a lot – it paid off
  • Hoke had a VIP day at school and I got to join him in making a Turkey napkin holder
  • Kids enjoyed another fun bubble bath in my big bathtub running the jets – the room was soaked as usual but oh well – its dry here
    Thanksgiving day was spent at the Hubbards, Jenny’s parents and Uncle Tex – pretty special day to be with them all
  • We spent the remainder of the weekend with our friends the Lattas in the mountains – kids did some hiking and sledding and had a great time overall –
  • We almost lost Rae in a sledding accident but she proved to be a bit more resilient than we give her credit
  • Rae has admitted to not liking people with glasses (unless it is someone she knows already, like me) – we had a new sitter coming and I was prepping the kids – Rae’s first question -“do they wear glasses?”Random
  • Don’t recall if I mentioned this before but Guion made up a word “Realious” and we use it all the time – a combination of “Really” and “Serious” – he’ll say “realious, Mom, it happened”love it
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October 2016


  • What an amazing time in argentina – the dove never stopped flying and the eagles were continually circling the dead dove – the countryside outside Cordoba where we were based was beautiful – we even spent a few days in buenos aires with mom and dad – we loved seeing the city and spending the extra time with the rents…the tango show is not going to be forgotten anytime soon
  • I had my first day in the office on my way back to Denver from the argentina trip – enjoyed it
  • Guion had a great time with his flag football season and most days was pretty stoked to be playing (we had a few moments of not so excited but since he committed he had to play)
  • Hoke’s soccer team ended up undefeated for the first time and even played in a special tournament at the end of the season – his coach gave him the best all around player (and his silly award was “most confident)
  • Rae’s soccer team didn’t fair as well but we definitely saw improvement with her playing in the last few games of the season
  • Given that rae’s bday fell on fall break, we decided to host her party at Jungle Quest a few weeks early – she had a blast with all her friends zip lining and climbing walls!!
  • Rae loves to sing!!! and she makes up songs all the time – I just love hearing her – it reminds me of me as I can recall making up songs as I went about mundane tasks such as brushing my teeth – it’s pretty stinking cute to watch
  • For fall break, i took the kids (with the Hubbard family) to Orlando to give the kids their first visit to Disney World – our day at disney was great despite the downpour we suffered through!! our second day was spent at Universal and the kids really enjoyed all the rides – spiderman 3D scared the doo doo out of Guion but he managed through and of course everyone HAD to have butter beer at Hogwarts – we even rode the train between the two sections. hoke rode as many big kid rides his height would allow which just about all he attempted
  • We spent Halloween with our friends the Eisemans and the kids enjoyed the phenomenal halloween display Mr. E puts on – Guion wouldn’t walk through
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September 2016

September kicks off our kids birthday celebration.

  • Guion’s 9th birthday dinner celebration was at Benihana and we were lucky to have Mr. Trevor join us.
  • Hoke also selected Benihana for his big 8th birthday.
  • Guion played flag football with friends from school- his best position – center
  • Hoke played soccer and flag football and loved both
  • We were lucky to have Mia and Pop join us for the Labor Day weekend (and actually be with Hoke on his bday – extra special)
  • We took them to the cabin  – they loved it and we had a blast playing at the river – mac took pop and hoke fishing while mia and I hung out with Rae and Guion – we ate dinner outside and watched the sunset over the mountains and even cooked some s’mores – a great few days!!
  • Even Danny and Charlotte came up for a quick stop to check it all out
  • We had fun watching fireworks at glenmoor – kids ran around the whole time so not sure they even noticed!
  • All three kids participated in run for fund at school (running laps and raising money for the school) – Guion ran 31, Hoke ran 38 and Rae ran 22 – we were very proud of everyone (this is the first year Guion actually ran vs. walked with an adult – pretty stinking awesome to witness)
  • I officially was welcomed to the KW family business – very excited to get started on that work!
  • I caught Guion singing the star-spangled banner to the american flag early one morning before anyone else was up in the house
  • Rae continues to have a clothing style all her own – one day boy, one day girl – or she’ll just mix it all up!
  • Mac hosted a very successful RMDSA walk this year (again) – and we absolutely so loved all the family and friends support received yet again!!!
  • Mac and I left for our argentina dove hunt trip at the end of this month – we traveled with mom, dad, spence, the hubbards and a friend of spence’s
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The first eight months of 2015

I don’t know how nine months have past since my last post – that is crazy. So here goes a quick update on a few months:


  • We spent some good time in the mountains, playing in the snow and “skating” across a frozen river. The kids had some good time on the slack line and we even went snowshoeing – kids did great.
  • In a desperate attempt to save Rae’s pink boots, we used Sponge Bob duct tape. We also tried to declutter Hoke’s bedroom.
  • One morning, I found Guion in the kitchen readying snacks for everyone –fruit and a cereal bar – love it
  • We lost Foo Foo (2) – our second, and last, frog
  • We made it to the National Western Stock Show – the boys had their pictures taken on a horse- Rae said no, thanks but did ride the pony. Kids also sat for a caricature that now hangs in the cabin.
  • The kids ended the month with a fun playdate with a friend from school


  • We went to our first Monster Truck show – to say it was loud is an understatement!
  • I missed a good portion of the month spending it in New Zealand with Mom (Mia) hiking the Milford Track – what an amazing trip and thank you
  • The night I returned from NZ, we sadly and unexpectedly had to put our German Shepherd, Yampa. Our whole family still misses Yampa.
  • The kids had their first ski lesson at Winter Park – they all did a great job in their lessons and got more comfortable on the skis, lifts and slopes
  • I drove up to Winter Park and got to surprise the kids after their first lesson – their reactions were all priceless!!


  • More ski lessons and more snow
  • Helped out at church packing bags for a non-profit


  • We spent spring break in Orlando visiting Peter and Diane and KC
  • We took the kids to Busch Gardens – Guion and Hoke rode a few rides with Mac and we all got to feed Giraffes and flamingos
  • Easter egg “hunt” at Glenmoor
  • Rae started riding her bike without training wheels
  • We felt Shadow (and us) needed a new friend so we went to the Dumb Friends league and a little running around, we came home with not one, but two puppies – Shadow wasn’t too sure at first but seems to have warmed up a bit
  • We got snow mid-month and everyone loved playing around
  • The kids got to play with all of their cousins on a trip to Memphis – we had our first Wilson Family Retreat – with 72 out of 75 members attending!!


  • Rae had a day off so I asked her where she wanted to go for lunch – sushi was her pick
  • On the boys’ day off, we hit the Museum of Nature and Science for their mystical creature
  • To celebrate our 15-year anniversary, Mother’s Day and my birthday, Mac surprised the WHOLE family with a limo that carried us off to Benihana and then downtown for a quick tour and some ice cream –we loved having Jenny and her crew join us in the festivities
  • Of course, it snowed on Mother’s Day
  • The boys had their field day and I had a ton of fun watching them compete
  • Kids went swimming on a pretty cool/cold day and they warmed up with a bubble-filled bath
  • Guion participated in a lacrosse clinic for the first time and enjoyed it
  • Kids had a tennis lesson to see how they liked the sport – thanks to some lightning the lesson got short!!!
  • Rae graduated from Fisher and did a great job with the festivities


  • Hoke played in a lacrosse tournament and holy cow he got sweaty!!
  • The Denver Zoo hosts an evening called “Dream Nights” for families with members who have special needs – we attended and the kids had a blast feeding giraffes and petting snakes
  • I painted Rae’s face like a dog – l loved it
  • I took the kids to the beach to see Mom and Dad and we had a blast crabbing at night and going to the Gulfarium to see dolphins and sea lions
  • Kids had a great time swimming in the ocean with Pop, riding waves and just playing in the sand
  • Ms. Jennifer and her fiancé, Jason, paid us a visit and we took everyone to the zoo for a quick visit (it was hot!!)
  • Rae continues to showcase her unique sense of style
  • We left Denver for Alaska at the end of the month – kids were thrilled to embark on their new adventure, Disney Cruise Alaska


  • We got to see a couple of glaciers (Tracey Arm and Mendenhall)
  • We went on a nature hike in Haines and had a great dinner and great beer in Skagway
  • In Juneau, we went whale watching and saw a few humpbacks AND we even got to see an orca – my first wild orca – so cool!
  • Our last stop was Ketchikan – we waited for a 4th of July parade that didn’t show so we left and ate some amazingly fresh crab then we watched a lumberjack show – pretty cool
  • We were fortunate that our friends the Eisemans were on the trip – the kids loved playing together
  • One of the kids’ favorite activities at night was dancing and dancing and dancing… it was so fun to watch
  • Guion attended a week-long camp in Steamboat Springs – he rode a horse everyday, went fishing, road a bike, kayaked – I got to play while he was busy – hiking and fly-fishing – I had a blast spending time with Guion.
  • The cabin missed us so we took a trip to the mountains to get dirty in the mud and watch some beautiful sunsets and to hit the stock show
  • Mac made a fire and we all made smore’s


  • I threw a small gathering for Mac for his 45th birthday – he was a good sport about the celebration
  • Next day, we left for New Mexico and Ms. Jennifer’s wedding. Rae was the flower girl and the boys were the ring bearers – they had a great time and were amazing in the wedding
  • Back to the mountains before school starts and some great river splashing time
  • The boys went back to school – Guion started 3rd grade and Hoke started 2nd and Rae started Kindergarten – it was a little bit of a rough start on her first day – a few tears shed but she bounced back quickly
  • Hoke asked Guion if they could do a joint birthday and they agreed on DartWarz – they had a great time with friends and competing against each other – they also designed their own cakes – Guion had a Bronco’s helmet and Hoke had a shark eating a seal with the phrase “Gotcha”
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November and December 2014

A VERY quick update on the last two months of 2014


We got a cabin in the mountains and we’re so excited to get the kids out to ski and to have an easy place for summers out of the city.

We spent Thanksgiving in Memphis at the lake house. We had a tiny dog (we named him Willow) make our acquaintance. The kids loved Willow for the first 24 hours but quickly got over it when he started jumping up on them and nipping – such bliss. We took him back to Memphis and cousin Allison helped us find him a great new home.


We got to see Santa 2x this Christmas – RMDSA hosted their Christmas breakfast and we got to talk to Santa and then we went to a Christmas brunch at Glenmoor, talked to Santa and had a family photo with Santa.

A moment I had dreaded for a very long time occurred this month. Hoke asked Mac if Guion had Down syndrome (he thought so because he seemed similar to a friend of his). I thought that things would change dramatically after this moment. Mac explained to Hoke about DS in that it just means Guion might do things differently and might need a little more help in certain areas. Hoke’s response was to tell us about eating a pear. Here’s a little more info:

Before Christmas, Lauren and Colin came for a visit and we got to see Kaylee Grace – she’s so big.

We spent a few days with the Wilson Clan right before Christmas in Memphis and at the Greenbriar. While in Memphis we took the kids to go see the Peabody ducks, dinner at the Rendevous and then a carriage ride downtown. We rode the four-wheelers at the Greenbriar and everyone got to shoot at clays – they loved it.SONY DSC

Unfortunately on Christmas Eve, all three kids woke up with some fever so we had to skip the Christmas Eve service and have our own at home. Everyone had a quiet, relaxing yet, great time on Christmas Day.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, Jennifer and Jessica came for a quick visit and the kids loved every minute with them.

Guion stepped in front of my car and after I explained the dangers he was apologized for the “car.”

Rae, so cute in the car in her santa hat, shared with me , “Mom, this is the first time in the car in a santa hat driving to see santa” very specific but still a first

I told Guion he looked handsome – his response, “I’m a rockstar”SONY DSC

Kids did a big round of teasing each other about having girlfriends – Rae told Hoke he had a girlfriend, Hoke denied it and then quickly shifted the conversation to Guion stating Guion has a girlfriend.

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ASO – Crazy!!

A fun end to summer and a great beginning to fall.


  • We celebrated Mac’s 44th birthday, a few friends’ weddings, the one in August was in Santa Ynez for Mac’s dear friend, Greg.
  • We took the kids on a weekend getaway to Grand Lake and had a fantastic time even with the flat tire that kicked off the trip.
    • We hiked and Rae and Hoke got in the river with Hoke actually crossed over to the far side – Guion dipped his feet in and got wet but the other two were truly soaked.IMG_7921
    • We rented a pontoon boat and went out on Grand Lake to play around.
    • The morning we left we went out to the lake in the neighborhood and fished – the kids had a an awesome time.
  • The boys started back to school – Guion in second grade with Ms. Breen and Hoke in first grade with Ms. Fawns


  • We kicked off the month with Guion’s birthday. We took the family to Benihana and our good friends, the Hubbards, joined us –IMG_8107
  • Guion celebrated his birthday with his friends at the Denver Equestrian Center –much to my chagrin he insisted on a horseback riding party but everyone else had a great time!
  • Guion also had a friend who couldn’t make his birthday party so invited him over for ice cream – they gave him ice cream with a calendar and sang Happy Birthday – Guion was ecstatic!
  • When asked where he wanted to have his family birthday dinner, Hoke requested sushi and he had to have it at the restaurant that just opened near Rae’s schoolIMG_8056
  • Hoke celebrated his birthday with friends at Build-a-bear – everyone enjoyed themselves and loved taking home a stuffy
  • Hoke playing soccer, great job at goalie and scoring goals
  • I got to travel back to Winston-Salem for Wake Forest’s Homecoming and celebrate 20 years of the Women’s Soccer Program – I loved seeing my old friends!!
  • I also was honored by Briarcrest in their Athlete Hall of Fame – Dad came with me and my dear friend, Stephanie Maddox stopped by the festivities.IMG_8253 IMG_8275
  • Mac hosted his best ever Step Up Walk for Down Syndrome – we are so appreciative of our friends and family who came out to support Team Macsovits – (and thanks to Dad for flying out and for bringing cousin Melissa and her brood)


  • After spending some time in Winter Park this past spring and again this summer, Mac and I started IMG_8306      researching places – we’re now under contract for property in the Fraser area. We’re excited about having a place for us to go both winter and summer – the kids absolutely loved splashing around and exploring!
  • The kids are big climbers of the evergreens in our backyard – Hoke being our most adventuresome and Guion a close second – we were sitting in our bedroom and looked out only to find the boys above us in a tree (we were on the second floor).IMG_8320
  • Hoke lost his first tooth (finally) – he’s been obsessed about pulling a tooth and made it happen one day at school.
  • Hoke wrapped up his soccer season – playing both offense (scoring several goals) and defense (as gIMG_8327oalie and a whole bunch of slide tackling) – he got “best all-around player” for his team
  • We continue to play Fe Fi Fo Fum (which turns into a hide-and-seek, chase game. Hoke decided to hide from Rae by zipping himself up in my suitcase – she did not find him!
  • We did some normal October activities – kids decorated with Dad to help make our yard very spooky and we carved a pumpkin but really only for the seeds
  • I had to fly back to Memphis for a family meeting and I brought Guion with me for the two days – he spent his time hanging out with his cousins and then he and I went to visit Grandaddy Webb in JacksonIMG_8404IMG_8433
  • While we were gone, Mac took Hoke to his first Bronco’s game – Peyton Manning broke a big record at the gameIMG_8460
  • We celebrated Rae’s birthday with her friends at Monkey Bizness and of course she decorated her own cake again (another Star Wars-themed cake)
  • Rae also insisted on her family birthday dinner being at the same sushi place as Hoke – amazing that they love sushi!
  • We had wonderful Halloween – started and ended with our friends the Weavers in our old neighborhood – chili and trick or treating with old neighbors – such great memories every year!IMG_8524
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I blinked and summer was gone (and I’m behind again in my journaling about the kids). Wow, where to start? This summer celebrations and travels were amazing. Who knew turning 40 could be so much fun.

Hoke and Guion participated at Camp Glenmoor where they practiced golf, tennis and swimming. They also had one day of crafts each week. One of which was making a tank for a beta fish – so we’ve got another live creature in the house.

Guion also attended “School” camp where they worked on some of his goals –
reading, writing and math to name a few.IMG_6974

I played in Mac’s golf tournament – Tee It Up for Down syndrome – it is the only time that I ever play golf and it is always so fun especially when playing “best ball.”

We took the kids hiking to St. Mary’s Glacier. While overall a short hike it has a decent amount of grade so the by the time we were on our way back (trying to avoid an ominous looking cloud) kids were tired and complaining. But the time up there was awesome – great views.

At the end of the month, Mac and I took a trip my Mom and Dad to Croatia – their gift to me for my 40th. A 100-person cruise could have gone a lot of directions – it was amazing. Croatia is definitely on my list to return to in the future. And the people we met on the crIMG_7297uise had such varied, interesting backgrounds, it truly made the trip that much more fun.

While we were off doing our thing, the kids spent a week with Jennifer (our old nanny) in New Mexico with her family. And yes, they were spoiled rotten with prizes, forbidden food and drinks. They went water tubing at the lake and they even lit fireworks all by themselves although I’m told there was so adult supervision. Hoke’s new favorite word from this trip is “Damn” which he learned from Jennifer’s dad – he uses it in the right context too but we’re working to get him to use a IMG_7161different word in its place.

Our first morning back with the kids, I took them to Krispy Kreme for an
educational adventure (aka it sounded delicious and I needed an excuse to go).IMG_7438IMG_7445

  • We planted tomatoes in an small urban garden – only one of 8 survived (please note Rae’s turtleneck in the middle of the summer – Rae wanted to wear long-sleeves and long pants everyday in 90 weather – I ended up hiding her shirts after awhile)
  • We made tie-dyed t-shirts as a project one day
  • We attempted our painting project again and this time glued fun memorabilia to the canvas for a real multi-media project

Mac took the boys on an outing for work and Rae and I spent our time getting our nails done

I got in a wreck (someone rear-ended me) that totaled my car so I’m spending some time car shopping now.

IMG_7599The Wilson Family adventure was in Park City, UT this year. Kids enjoyed every second with their cousins. We all went to the Olympic Park and went alpine sledding. Mac and I took the boys through the Discovery Course which is an obstacle course with a zipline at the end. Both the boys did amazingly well. We were so proud to watch them navigate the different obstacles.

IMG_7680General Kid UpdateIMG_7614
Guion –
continuing IMG_7615to get so tall IMG_7654and skinny –
he lost another tooth while in New Mexico.
His communication skills continue to amaze me – he’s talking more and more these days and even more abstract than before. He told me he was freezing and would turn into an ice cube one day getting out of the pool.
Guion had a few play dates over the summer which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Hoke – this kid is so athletic – the golf instructor inquired about Hoke and basically said he thought he saw a lot of potential in him for the sport.
We’ve been doing a little running together and I’m hoping to find him some races in the fall.
He continues to be extremely sensitive kid (but with a manipulative twist)

Rae switched classrooms in June and is now an Abiyoyo – we’re still trying to figure out how to cut down on the drama and to cut out the diapers at bedtime. I know she’ll grow out of them but really why not now? She’s a hot mess but truly has the most expressive face that you can’t help but love watching her talk.

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MAM 2014

Wow!! Apparently when I said life felt like it had the fast forward button pushed, I must have meant FF4 (for all those comcast users). I sit here at the end of May thinking I had only skipped the update for April only to realize I skipped March too. (MAM stands for March, April, May)

Given I now have three months worth of stuff to say, horrible notes and a terrible memory. I’ll try and be quick.


Jennifer (previous nanny) came for a visit with her mom and brother. The kids loved seeing Ms. Jennifer and are excited about their now annual trip to New Mexico this summer.

Feisty and her brood (husband and three kids) visited CO for several days and stayed with us for a few of them. Our kids absolutely loved Keith, Mikey and Maggie – they are all about the same age so they had a fantastic time together. We went swimming at an indoor pool and hiking up at Three Sisters and then lunch in Morrison.

Mom came for a short visit just to be sure she got some Macsovits kid time in before her big trip to India to photograph tigers. Rae and I took Mom to lunch since Rae was on spring break.

The boys had spring break at the end of the month and Mac and I decided to finally take them skiing. We apparently picked one of the worst days for a day trip to Winter Park for “spring” skiing. We had heavy snowfall all the way up the mountain and the poor kids had to ski powder (great for those not new to skiing). Each kid had their own instructor as we weren’t sure how either was going to handle the skiing and the cold. They did great. Guion and Hoke both started out onIMG_6280 the bunny  slope and after a few minutes, Hoke’s instructor had him on the regular ski lift and up the mountain. Hoke’s instructor told us that he’s one of the most coordinated kids she’d ever worked with and would love to continue with him should we decide to return to Winter Park next year. Guion did a great job with his instructor as well but petered out after about an hour. We sat up inside and ate snacks while we waited on Hoke to finish. A successful first day skiing.

we attempted a multi-media arts and crafts project which ended up being a bunch of paint and some stickers
I took the kids to the Easter egg hunt at Arapahoe high school
The Easter bunny hid eggs in the backyard and the kids thoroughly enjoyed finding them scattered about
we had some great weather and took the kids biking in the neighborhoodIMG_6535

Our cousin Lizzy got married in Memphis and it was a wonderful time to reconnect with cousins especially with everyone going in a million different ways.

We went back to Memphis two weeks later to support Mom’s symphony debut (she and some other women in town commissioned a piece) and to support lil bro and his pork cookinmascovits 40th_003g team at Memphis BBQfest. We sported the team t-shirts and the kids had a blast being a part of the festivities.

For my 40th, Mac threw me an amazing birthday party with SuperDiamond as the
main attraction. My whole family flew in for the occasion and we had a greatIMG_6415
time being together – they really are a ton of fun. I loved having friends and family all together in one place.

Rae went all out and got a mohawk – she only wore it “up” a few times but mostly she kept it down. She really did look so cute with it.

We also took the kids fishing at the pond near the house. They seriously all did so well casting and reeling in – we even ended up buying Rae her own rod so we can get everyone in on the action at once.IMG_6626

Hoke graduated from Kindergarten this month as well. They have a singing
celebration and popsicles afterwards. So cute to see him so big!

We finally opened the pool back up and the kids loved every minute of it


I asked hoke what the favorite part of his day – he responded playing basketball with Guion, next time I asked he said, playing tag with Guion at school


Oops, I just realized today that I never actually posted this update. So sad.

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We kicked off FebruaIMG_5830ry watching the SuperBowl with our friends the Hubbards while Dad watched the game live in New Jersey. Since i had the kids to myself that weekend we also did a little boxing. DaVarryl does a great job getting the kids to do some exercises before stepping into the ring  run through some combos. Hoke is actually pretty good at the combos including the slips. One morning that weekend, i told the kids I wasn’t getting out of bed until 8a. So they decided to play cards by the fireplace and were amazingly quiet. By the way, they played Battle but renamed it Battle Booty.

We hosted our friends the Blues one night and there two sons, Tucker (Hoke’s friend) and Henry (Rae’s friend), spent the night. The kids had a blast and actually all fell asleep fairly quickly.

The following weekend we hosted a friend of Guion’s, Jacob, for a playdate, while Hoke and Mac went and ran errands. Jacob was great and a sweetheart helping everyone make paper airplanes.

IMG_5952We enjoyed an afternoon with the Whittens, eating dim sum and walking through the zoo. Rae and Hoke actually ate a chicken claw (fried). hoke tried it and then moved on to something else but Rae kept nibbling at it. It was a gorgeous day and the zoo was a perfect adventure, playing tag and eating ice cream.

The kids are now obsessed with playing “Fe Fi Fo Fum” and having Mac and/or I chase them in the dark through their rooms. They asked everyday to play and now Hoke is doing the chasing if the adults don’t.

Another interesting “game” for the kids is running laps in house. I was tired and really wanted to be sure they were too when bedtime came around. I asked Hoke to run some laps (up and down the staircases). Guion and Rae quickly jumped in and everyone was running laps. Then it became naked jaybird running because the kids got so hot with all the exercise.

We introduced the kids to music lessons this month. Guion tried the Ukelele, Hoke the Guitar and Rae tIMG_5839he Violin (play IMG_5838with the stick)IMG_5840. They all showed interested in their instruments and now it is just a matter of finding the time to get them all in. We’ll keep you posted.

We had a nice Valentine’s day celebration with some gifts in the morning and then Valentine school parties in the afternoon. Guion’s class had ice cream and Rae’s class made cookies.

We had a fun family weekend running up to the Butterfly Pavilion and everyone holding Rosie the Tarantula (we all got stickers as our reward). We also enjoyed some Red Lobster for dinner and Hoke loved him some crab legs. It was great watching Hoke and Mac bond over the meal.




We had some nice weather and took everyone to the Denver Botanic Gardens – we walked all over the outside grounds and also enjoyed the Orchid exhibitIMG_5937IMG_5912

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Off to a Great Start (2014)

IMG_5705For New Year’s Eve, kids had a special dinner of salmon by candlelight and complimented by sparkling cider. Mac and I spent the evening out with some good friends at Table 6.

The next morning I got up and made breakfast for everyone and Guion helped out with the eggs.  He started by first counting them for me – he got to 13 without skipping a beat – (although there were only eleven I was still proud he counted so high). Then he did a great job of cracking the eggs too.

We packed up leisurely in the am and met Danny for our flight to the Greenbriar. My crew were so excited about the trip and I was grateful we arrived around the same time as just about everyone else. The kids were immediately in hog heaven with their cousins stomping around the grounds.

Our first morning after the adults hunted, Mac and I took the kids out to Hot Dam and each got a turn to shoot the 410 gun. They handled the noise great and Rae actually almost hit a duck. Hoke missed a duck “by a hair” and continued to tell everyone that repeatedly.

We went back to memphis for a few nights and hosted Wilson at Mom and Dad’s. That night all four kids slept in one bed – couldn’t believe they fell asleep and stayed asleep until morning.  The next morning went and watched Spence III’s basketball game then played at Aunt Tete’s then on to LaLa’s. Sunday, Pop and Mia even got the kids in the hot tub before we flew out. Our departure was tear-filled as it is always so hard to leave after making so many good, fun memories.

Hoke was still sad on Monday so we facetimed the Young family so we get could get just a little more “Wilson” time in.

Later in the month I took the kids to get their regular haircuts. I let each kid tell their stylist what they wanted. Guion was a “little shorter,” Hoke wanted a mohawk and Rae wanted a mohawk.  I debated, out loud, about Rae’s choice and the stylist offered a compromise. Give the hair a wide-part, shave one side, blend around the back and keep the other side long. I said ok, immediately second-guessed it but justified it by the fact that she’s four (4) and it is hair and it will grow back. Once done, I loved it. It suits Rae so well – very sassy. Rae likes to show off her “boy” side and her “girl” side.

We took the kids to the rodeo the last weekend the National Western Stock Show was in town. I wasn’t sure Guion would make it into the stadium but he did and we had a blast. I had more fun watching my family enjoy the rodeo activities, sharing popcorn and drinks than I did watching the rodeo itself. Our tradition at the rodeo is to go to the kids area and let the kids ride the ponies. They love the experience.

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