Posted by: rmacsovits | February 20, 2014

Off to a Great Start (2014)

IMG_5705For New Year’s Eve, kids had a special dinner of salmon by candlelight and complimented by sparkling cider. Mac and I spent the evening out with some good friends at Table 6.

The next morning I got up and made breakfast for everyone and Guion helped out with the eggs.  He started by first counting them for me – he got to 13 without skipping a beat – (although there were only eleven I was still proud he counted so high). Then he did a great job of cracking the eggs too.

We packed up leisurely in the am and met Danny for our flight to the Greenbriar. My crew were so excited about the trip and I was grateful we arrived around the same time as just about everyone else. The kids were immediately in hog heaven with their cousins stomping around the grounds.

Our first morning after the adults hunted, Mac and I took the kids out to Hot Dam and each got a turn to shoot the 410 gun. They handled the noise great and Rae actually almost hit a duck. Hoke missed a duck “by a hair” and continued to tell everyone that repeatedly.

We went back to memphis for a few nights and hosted Wilson at Mom and Dad’s. That night all four kids slept in one bed – couldn’t believe they fell asleep and stayed asleep until morning.  The next morning went and watched Spence III’s basketball game then played at Aunt Tete’s then on to LaLa’s. Sunday, Pop and Mia even got the kids in the hot tub before we flew out. Our departure was tear-filled as it is always so hard to leave after making so many good, fun memories.

Hoke was still sad on Monday so we facetimed the Young family so we get could get just a little more “Wilson” time in.

Later in the month I took the kids to get their regular haircuts. I let each kid tell their stylist what they wanted. Guion was a “little shorter,” Hoke wanted a mohawk and Rae wanted a mohawk.  I debated, out loud, about Rae’s choice and the stylist offered a compromise. Give the hair a wide-part, shave one side, blend around the back and keep the other side long. I said ok, immediately second-guessed it but justified it by the fact that she’s four (4) and it is hair and it will grow back. Once done, I loved it. It suits Rae so well – very sassy. Rae likes to show off her “boy” side and her “girl” side.

We took the kids to the rodeo the last weekend the National Western Stock Show was in town. I wasn’t sure Guion would make it into the stadium but he did and we had a blast. I had more fun watching my family enjoy the rodeo activities, sharing popcorn and drinks than I did watching the rodeo itself. Our tradition at the rodeo is to go to the kids area and let the kids ride the ponies. They love the experience.


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