Posted by: rmacsovits | March 22, 2014


We kicked off FebruaIMG_5830ry watching the SuperBowl with our friends the Hubbards while Dad watched the game live in New Jersey. Since i had the kids to myself that weekend we also did a little boxing. DaVarryl does a great job getting the kids to do some exercises before stepping into the ring  run through some combos. Hoke is actually pretty good at the combos including the slips. One morning that weekend, i told the kids I wasn’t getting out of bed until 8a. So they decided to play cards by the fireplace and were amazingly quiet. By the way, they played Battle but renamed it Battle Booty.

We hosted our friends the Blues one night and there two sons, Tucker (Hoke’s friend) and Henry (Rae’s friend), spent the night. The kids had a blast and actually all fell asleep fairly quickly.

The following weekend we hosted a friend of Guion’s, Jacob, for a playdate, while Hoke and Mac went and ran errands. Jacob was great and a sweetheart helping everyone make paper airplanes.

IMG_5952We enjoyed an afternoon with the Whittens, eating dim sum and walking through the zoo. Rae and Hoke actually ate a chicken claw (fried). hoke tried it and then moved on to something else but Rae kept nibbling at it. It was a gorgeous day and the zoo was a perfect adventure, playing tag and eating ice cream.

The kids are now obsessed with playing “Fe Fi Fo Fum” and having Mac and/or I chase them in the dark through their rooms. They asked everyday to play and now Hoke is doing the chasing if the adults don’t.

Another interesting “game” for the kids is running laps in house. I was tired and really wanted to be sure they were too when bedtime came around. I asked Hoke to run some laps (up and down the staircases). Guion and Rae quickly jumped in and everyone was running laps. Then it became naked jaybird running because the kids got so hot with all the exercise.

We introduced the kids to music lessons this month. Guion tried the Ukelele, Hoke the Guitar and Rae tIMG_5839he Violin (play IMG_5838with the stick)IMG_5840. They all showed interested in their instruments and now it is just a matter of finding the time to get them all in. We’ll keep you posted.

We had a nice Valentine’s day celebration with some gifts in the morning and then Valentine school parties in the afternoon. Guion’s class had ice cream and Rae’s class made cookies.

We had a fun family weekend running up to the Butterfly Pavilion and everyone holding Rosie the Tarantula (we all got stickers as our reward). We also enjoyed some Red Lobster for dinner and Hoke loved him some crab legs. It was great watching Hoke and Mac bond over the meal.




We had some nice weather and took everyone to the Denver Botanic Gardens – we walked all over the outside grounds and also enjoyed the Orchid exhibitIMG_5937IMG_5912


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