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I blinked and summer was gone (and I’m behind again in my journaling about the kids). Wow, where to start? This summer celebrations and travels were amazing. Who knew turning 40 could be so much fun.

Hoke and Guion participated at Camp Glenmoor where they practiced golf, tennis and swimming. They also had one day of crafts each week. One of which was making a tank for a beta fish – so we’ve got another live creature in the house.

Guion also attended “School” camp where they worked on some of his goals –
reading, writing and math to name a few.IMG_6974

I played in Mac’s golf tournament – Tee It Up for Down syndrome – it is the only time that I ever play golf and it is always so fun especially when playing “best ball.”

We took the kids hiking to St. Mary’s Glacier. While overall a short hike it has a decent amount of grade so the by the time we were on our way back (trying to avoid an ominous looking cloud) kids were tired and complaining. But the time up there was awesome – great views.

At the end of the month, Mac and I took a trip my Mom and Dad to Croatia – their gift to me for my 40th. A 100-person cruise could have gone a lot of directions – it was amazing. Croatia is definitely on my list to return to in the future. And the people we met on the crIMG_7297uise had such varied, interesting backgrounds, it truly made the trip that much more fun.

While we were off doing our thing, the kids spent a week with Jennifer (our old nanny) in New Mexico with her family. And yes, they were spoiled rotten with prizes, forbidden food and drinks. They went water tubing at the lake and they even lit fireworks all by themselves although I’m told there was so adult supervision. Hoke’s new favorite word from this trip is “Damn” which he learned from Jennifer’s dad – he uses it in the right context too but we’re working to get him to use a IMG_7161different word in its place.

Our first morning back with the kids, I took them to Krispy Kreme for an
educational adventure (aka it sounded delicious and I needed an excuse to go).IMG_7438IMG_7445

  • We planted tomatoes in an small urban garden – only one of 8 survived (please note Rae’s turtleneck in the middle of the summer – Rae wanted to wear long-sleeves and long pants everyday in 90 weather – I ended up hiding her shirts after awhile)
  • We made tie-dyed t-shirts as a project one day
  • We attempted our painting project again and this time glued fun memorabilia to the canvas for a real multi-media project

Mac took the boys on an outing for work and Rae and I spent our time getting our nails done

I got in a wreck (someone rear-ended me) that totaled my car so I’m spending some time car shopping now.

IMG_7599The Wilson Family adventure was in Park City, UT this year. Kids enjoyed every second with their cousins. We all went to the Olympic Park and went alpine sledding. Mac and I took the boys through the Discovery Course which is an obstacle course with a zipline at the end. Both the boys did amazingly well. We were so proud to watch them navigate the different obstacles.

IMG_7680General Kid UpdateIMG_7614
Guion –
continuing IMG_7615to get so tall IMG_7654and skinny –
he lost another tooth while in New Mexico.
His communication skills continue to amaze me – he’s talking more and more these days and even more abstract than before. He told me he was freezing and would turn into an ice cube one day getting out of the pool.
Guion had a few play dates over the summer which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Hoke – this kid is so athletic – the golf instructor inquired about Hoke and basically said he thought he saw a lot of potential in him for the sport.
We’ve been doing a little running together and I’m hoping to find him some races in the fall.
He continues to be extremely sensitive kid (but with a manipulative twist)

Rae switched classrooms in June and is now an Abiyoyo – we’re still trying to figure out how to cut down on the drama and to cut out the diapers at bedtime. I know she’ll grow out of them but really why not now? She’s a hot mess but truly has the most expressive face that you can’t help but love watching her talk.


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