Posted by: rmacsovits | August 12, 2014

MAM 2014

Wow!! Apparently when I said life felt like it had the fast forward button pushed, I must have meant FF4 (for all those comcast users). I sit here at the end of May thinking I had only skipped the update for April only to realize I skipped March too. (MAM stands for March, April, May)

Given I now have three months worth of stuff to say, horrible notes and a terrible memory. I’ll try and be quick.


Jennifer (previous nanny) came for a visit with her mom and brother. The kids loved seeing Ms. Jennifer and are excited about their now annual trip to New Mexico this summer.

Feisty and her brood (husband and three kids) visited CO for several days and stayed with us for a few of them. Our kids absolutely loved Keith, Mikey and Maggie – they are all about the same age so they had a fantastic time together. We went swimming at an indoor pool and hiking up at Three Sisters and then lunch in Morrison.

Mom came for a short visit just to be sure she got some Macsovits kid time in before her big trip to India to photograph tigers. Rae and I took Mom to lunch since Rae was on spring break.

The boys had spring break at the end of the month and Mac and I decided to finally take them skiing. We apparently picked one of the worst days for a day trip to Winter Park for “spring” skiing. We had heavy snowfall all the way up the mountain and the poor kids had to ski powder (great for those not new to skiing). Each kid had their own instructor as we weren’t sure how either was going to handle the skiing and the cold. They did great. Guion and Hoke both started out onIMG_6280 the bunny  slope and after a few minutes, Hoke’s instructor had him on the regular ski lift and up the mountain. Hoke’s instructor told us that he’s one of the most coordinated kids she’d ever worked with and would love to continue with him should we decide to return to Winter Park next year. Guion did a great job with his instructor as well but petered out after about an hour. We sat up inside and ate snacks while we waited on Hoke to finish. A successful first day skiing.

we attempted a multi-media arts and crafts project which ended up being a bunch of paint and some stickers
I took the kids to the Easter egg hunt at Arapahoe high school
The Easter bunny hid eggs in the backyard and the kids thoroughly enjoyed finding them scattered about
we had some great weather and took the kids biking in the neighborhoodIMG_6535

Our cousin Lizzy got married in Memphis and it was a wonderful time to reconnect with cousins especially with everyone going in a million different ways.

We went back to Memphis two weeks later to support Mom’s symphony debut (she and some other women in town commissioned a piece) and to support lil bro and his pork cookinmascovits 40th_003g team at Memphis BBQfest. We sported the team t-shirts and the kids had a blast being a part of the festivities.

For my 40th, Mac threw me an amazing birthday party with SuperDiamond as the
main attraction. My whole family flew in for the occasion and we had a greatIMG_6415
time being together – they really are a ton of fun. I loved having friends and family all together in one place.

Rae went all out and got a mohawk – she only wore it “up” a few times but mostly she kept it down. She really did look so cute with it.

We also took the kids fishing at the pond near the house. They seriously all did so well casting and reeling in – we even ended up buying Rae her own rod so we can get everyone in on the action at once.IMG_6626

Hoke graduated from Kindergarten this month as well. They have a singing
celebration and popsicles afterwards. So cute to see him so big!

We finally opened the pool back up and the kids loved every minute of it


I asked hoke what the favorite part of his day – he responded playing basketball with Guion, next time I asked he said, playing tag with Guion at school


Oops, I just realized today that I never actually posted this update. So sad.


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