Posted by: rmacsovits | November 8, 2014

ASO – Crazy!!

A fun end to summer and a great beginning to fall.


  • We celebrated Mac’s 44th birthday, a few friends’ weddings, the one in August was in Santa Ynez for Mac’s dear friend, Greg.
  • We took the kids on a weekend getaway to Grand Lake and had a fantastic time even with the flat tire that kicked off the trip.
    • We hiked and Rae and Hoke got in the river with Hoke actually crossed over to the far side – Guion dipped his feet in and got wet but the other two were truly soaked.IMG_7921
    • We rented a pontoon boat and went out on Grand Lake to play around.
    • The morning we left we went out to the lake in the neighborhood and fished – the kids had a an awesome time.
  • The boys started back to school – Guion in second grade with Ms. Breen and Hoke in first grade with Ms. Fawns


  • We kicked off the month with Guion’s birthday. We took the family to Benihana and our good friends, the Hubbards, joined us –IMG_8107
  • Guion celebrated his birthday with his friends at the Denver Equestrian Center –much to my chagrin he insisted on a horseback riding party but everyone else had a great time!
  • Guion also had a friend who couldn’t make his birthday party so invited him over for ice cream – they gave him ice cream with a calendar and sang Happy Birthday – Guion was ecstatic!
  • When asked where he wanted to have his family birthday dinner, Hoke requested sushi and he had to have it at the restaurant that just opened near Rae’s schoolIMG_8056
  • Hoke celebrated his birthday with friends at Build-a-bear – everyone enjoyed themselves and loved taking home a stuffy
  • Hoke playing soccer, great job at goalie and scoring goals
  • I got to travel back to Winston-Salem for Wake Forest’s Homecoming and celebrate 20 years of the Women’s Soccer Program – I loved seeing my old friends!!
  • I also was honored by Briarcrest in their Athlete Hall of Fame – Dad came with me and my dear friend, Stephanie Maddox stopped by the festivities.IMG_8253 IMG_8275
  • Mac hosted his best ever Step Up Walk for Down Syndrome – we are so appreciative of our friends and family who came out to support Team Macsovits – (and thanks to Dad for flying out and for bringing cousin Melissa and her brood)


  • After spending some time in Winter Park this past spring and again this summer, Mac and I started IMG_8306      researching places – we’re now under contract for property in the Fraser area. We’re excited about having a place for us to go both winter and summer – the kids absolutely loved splashing around and exploring!
  • The kids are big climbers of the evergreens in our backyard – Hoke being our most adventuresome and Guion a close second – we were sitting in our bedroom and looked out only to find the boys above us in a tree (we were on the second floor).IMG_8320
  • Hoke lost his first tooth (finally) – he’s been obsessed about pulling a tooth and made it happen one day at school.
  • Hoke wrapped up his soccer season – playing both offense (scoring several goals) and defense (as gIMG_8327oalie and a whole bunch of slide tackling) – he got “best all-around player” for his team
  • We continue to play Fe Fi Fo Fum (which turns into a hide-and-seek, chase game. Hoke decided to hide from Rae by zipping himself up in my suitcase – she did not find him!
  • We did some normal October activities – kids decorated with Dad to help make our yard very spooky and we carved a pumpkin but really only for the seeds
  • I had to fly back to Memphis for a family meeting and I brought Guion with me for the two days – he spent his time hanging out with his cousins and then he and I went to visit Grandaddy Webb in JacksonIMG_8404IMG_8433
  • While we were gone, Mac took Hoke to his first Bronco’s game – Peyton Manning broke a big record at the gameIMG_8460
  • We celebrated Rae’s birthday with her friends at Monkey Bizness and of course she decorated her own cake again (another Star Wars-themed cake)
  • Rae also insisted on her family birthday dinner being at the same sushi place as Hoke – amazing that they love sushi!
  • We had wonderful Halloween – started and ended with our friends the Weavers in our old neighborhood – chili and trick or treating with old neighbors – such great memories every year!IMG_8524

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