Posted by: rmacsovits | March 20, 2015

November and December 2014

A VERY quick update on the last two months of 2014


We got a cabin in the mountains and we’re so excited to get the kids out to ski and to have an easy place for summers out of the city.

We spent Thanksgiving in Memphis at the lake house. We had a tiny dog (we named him Willow) make our acquaintance. The kids loved Willow for the first 24 hours but quickly got over it when he started jumping up on them and nipping – such bliss. We took him back to Memphis and cousin Allison helped us find him a great new home.


We got to see Santa 2x this Christmas – RMDSA hosted their Christmas breakfast and we got to talk to Santa and then we went to a Christmas brunch at Glenmoor, talked to Santa and had a family photo with Santa.

A moment I had dreaded for a very long time occurred this month. Hoke asked Mac if Guion had Down syndrome (he thought so because he seemed similar to a friend of his). I thought that things would change dramatically after this moment. Mac explained to Hoke about DS in that it just means Guion might do things differently and might need a little more help in certain areas. Hoke’s response was to tell us about eating a pear. Here’s a little more info:

Before Christmas, Lauren and Colin came for a visit and we got to see Kaylee Grace – she’s so big.

We spent a few days with the Wilson Clan right before Christmas in Memphis and at the Greenbriar. While in Memphis we took the kids to go see the Peabody ducks, dinner at the Rendevous and then a carriage ride downtown. We rode the four-wheelers at the Greenbriar and everyone got to shoot at clays – they loved it.SONY DSC

Unfortunately on Christmas Eve, all three kids woke up with some fever so we had to skip the Christmas Eve service and have our own at home. Everyone had a quiet, relaxing yet, great time on Christmas Day.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, Jennifer and Jessica came for a quick visit and the kids loved every minute with them.

Guion stepped in front of my car and after I explained the dangers he was apologized for the “car.”

Rae, so cute in the car in her santa hat, shared with me , “Mom, this is the first time in the car in a santa hat driving to see santa” very specific but still a first

I told Guion he looked handsome – his response, “I’m a rockstar”SONY DSC

Kids did a big round of teasing each other about having girlfriends – Rae told Hoke he had a girlfriend, Hoke denied it and then quickly shifted the conversation to Guion stating Guion has a girlfriend.


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