Posted by: rmacsovits | September 22, 2015

The first eight months of 2015

I don’t know how nine months have past since my last post – that is crazy. So here goes a quick update on a few months:


  • We spent some good time in the mountains, playing in the snow and “skating” across a frozen river. The kids had some good time on the slack line and we even went snowshoeing – kids did great.
  • In a desperate attempt to save Rae’s pink boots, we used Sponge Bob duct tape. We also tried to declutter Hoke’s bedroom.
  • One morning, I found Guion in the kitchen readying snacks for everyone –fruit and a cereal bar – love it
  • We lost Foo Foo (2) – our second, and last, frog
  • We made it to the National Western Stock Show – the boys had their pictures taken on a horse- Rae said no, thanks but did ride the pony. Kids also sat for a caricature that now hangs in the cabin.
  • The kids ended the month with a fun playdate with a friend from school


  • We went to our first Monster Truck show – to say it was loud is an understatement!
  • I missed a good portion of the month spending it in New Zealand with Mom (Mia) hiking the Milford Track – what an amazing trip and thank you
  • The night I returned from NZ, we sadly and unexpectedly had to put our German Shepherd, Yampa. Our whole family still misses Yampa.
  • The kids had their first ski lesson at Winter Park – they all did a great job in their lessons and got more comfortable on the skis, lifts and slopes
  • I drove up to Winter Park and got to surprise the kids after their first lesson – their reactions were all priceless!!


  • More ski lessons and more snow
  • Helped out at church packing bags for a non-profit


  • We spent spring break in Orlando visiting Peter and Diane and KC
  • We took the kids to Busch Gardens – Guion and Hoke rode a few rides with Mac and we all got to feed Giraffes and flamingos
  • Easter egg “hunt” at Glenmoor
  • Rae started riding her bike without training wheels
  • We felt Shadow (and us) needed a new friend so we went to the Dumb Friends league and a little running around, we came home with not one, but two puppies – Shadow wasn’t too sure at first but seems to have warmed up a bit
  • We got snow mid-month and everyone loved playing around
  • The kids got to play with all of their cousins on a trip to Memphis – we had our first Wilson Family Retreat – with 72 out of 75 members attending!!


  • Rae had a day off so I asked her where she wanted to go for lunch – sushi was her pick
  • On the boys’ day off, we hit the Museum of Nature and Science for their mystical creature
  • To celebrate our 15-year anniversary, Mother’s Day and my birthday, Mac surprised the WHOLE family with a limo that carried us off to Benihana and then downtown for a quick tour and some ice cream –we loved having Jenny and her crew join us in the festivities
  • Of course, it snowed on Mother’s Day
  • The boys had their field day and I had a ton of fun watching them compete
  • Kids went swimming on a pretty cool/cold day and they warmed up with a bubble-filled bath
  • Guion participated in a lacrosse clinic for the first time and enjoyed it
  • Kids had a tennis lesson to see how they liked the sport – thanks to some lightning the lesson got short!!!
  • Rae graduated from Fisher and did a great job with the festivities


  • Hoke played in a lacrosse tournament and holy cow he got sweaty!!
  • The Denver Zoo hosts an evening called “Dream Nights” for families with members who have special needs – we attended and the kids had a blast feeding giraffes and petting snakes
  • I painted Rae’s face like a dog – l loved it
  • I took the kids to the beach to see Mom and Dad and we had a blast crabbing at night and going to the Gulfarium to see dolphins and sea lions
  • Kids had a great time swimming in the ocean with Pop, riding waves and just playing in the sand
  • Ms. Jennifer and her fiancé, Jason, paid us a visit and we took everyone to the zoo for a quick visit (it was hot!!)
  • Rae continues to showcase her unique sense of style
  • We left Denver for Alaska at the end of the month – kids were thrilled to embark on their new adventure, Disney Cruise Alaska


  • We got to see a couple of glaciers (Tracey Arm and Mendenhall)
  • We went on a nature hike in Haines and had a great dinner and great beer in Skagway
  • In Juneau, we went whale watching and saw a few humpbacks AND we even got to see an orca – my first wild orca – so cool!
  • Our last stop was Ketchikan – we waited for a 4th of July parade that didn’t show so we left and ate some amazingly fresh crab then we watched a lumberjack show – pretty cool
  • We were fortunate that our friends the Eisemans were on the trip – the kids loved playing together
  • One of the kids’ favorite activities at night was dancing and dancing and dancing… it was so fun to watch
  • Guion attended a week-long camp in Steamboat Springs – he rode a horse everyday, went fishing, road a bike, kayaked – I got to play while he was busy – hiking and fly-fishing – I had a blast spending time with Guion.
  • The cabin missed us so we took a trip to the mountains to get dirty in the mud and watch some beautiful sunsets and to hit the stock show
  • Mac made a fire and we all made smore’s


  • I threw a small gathering for Mac for his 45th birthday – he was a good sport about the celebration
  • Next day, we left for New Mexico and Ms. Jennifer’s wedding. Rae was the flower girl and the boys were the ring bearers – they had a great time and were amazing in the wedding
  • Back to the mountains before school starts and some great river splashing time
  • The boys went back to school – Guion started 3rd grade and Hoke started 2nd and Rae started Kindergarten – it was a little bit of a rough start on her first day – a few tears shed but she bounced back quickly
  • Hoke asked Guion if they could do a joint birthday and they agreed on DartWarz – they had a great time with friends and competing against each other – they also designed their own cakes – Guion had a Bronco’s helmet and Hoke had a shark eating a seal with the phrase “Gotcha”

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