Posted by: rmacsovits | December 2, 2015

November 2015


  • Nov 5 – first snow of the season (more like hail/ice but whatever the ground was white
  • Hoke had a veteran’s day celebration where his class had a 45 minute choreagraphed event – pretty cute to watch
  • Nov 11 – first real snow
  • We went to the mountains one weekend and the kids discovered sledding again on the hill in front of the house
  • Hoke and hiked to the river and down the river – we were out long enough that on our way back up hill he was crawling
  • Baby Sims was born!! And i got to meet him just a few hours after delivery (in his delivery room)
  • Guion gave his first book report on lions – he worked hard and practiced a lot – it paid off
  • Hoke had a VIP day at school and I got to join him in making a Turkey napkin holder
  • Kids enjoyed another fun bubble bath in my big bathtub running the jets – the room was soaked as usual but oh well – its dry here
    Thanksgiving day was spent at the Hubbards, Jenny’s parents and Uncle Tex – pretty special day to be with them all
  • We spent the remainder of the weekend with our friends the Lattas in the mountains – kids did some hiking and sledding and had a great time overall –
  • We almost lost Rae in a sledding accident but she proved to be a bit more resilient than we give her credit
  • Rae has admitted to not liking people with glasses (unless it is someone she knows already, like me) – we had a new sitter coming and I was prepping the kids – Rae’s first question -“do they wear glasses?”Random
  • Don’t recall if I mentioned this before but Guion made up a word “Realious” and we use it all the time – a combination of “Really” and “Serious” – he’ll say “realious, Mom, it happened”love it

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