Posted by: rmacsovits | December 2, 2015

October 2016


  • What an amazing time in argentina – the dove never stopped flying and the eagles were continually circling the dead dove – the countryside outside Cordoba where we were based was beautiful – we even spent a few days in buenos aires with mom and dad – we loved seeing the city and spending the extra time with the rents…the tango show is not going to be forgotten anytime soon
  • I had my first day in the office on my way back to Denver from the argentina trip – enjoyed it
  • Guion had a great time with his flag football season and most days was pretty stoked to be playing (we had a few moments of not so excited but since he committed he had to play)
  • Hoke’s soccer team ended up undefeated for the first time and even played in a special tournament at the end of the season – his coach gave him the best all around player (and his silly award was “most confident)
  • Rae’s soccer team didn’t fair as well but we definitely saw improvement with her playing in the last few games of the season
  • Given that rae’s bday fell on fall break, we decided to host her party at Jungle Quest a few weeks early – she had a blast with all her friends zip lining and climbing walls!!
  • Rae loves to sing!!! and she makes up songs all the time – I just love hearing her – it reminds me of me as I can recall making up songs as I went about mundane tasks such as brushing my teeth – it’s pretty stinking cute to watch
  • For fall break, i took the kids (with the Hubbard family) to Orlando to give the kids their first visit to Disney World – our day at disney was great despite the downpour we suffered through!! our second day was spent at Universal and the kids really enjoyed all the rides – spiderman 3D scared the doo doo out of Guion but he managed through and of course everyone HAD to have butter beer at Hogwarts – we even rode the train between the two sections. hoke rode as many big kid rides his height would allow which just about all he attempted
  • We spent Halloween with our friends the Eisemans and the kids enjoyed the phenomenal halloween display Mr. E puts on – Guion wouldn’t walk through

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