Posted by: rmacsovits | December 2, 2015

September 2016

September kicks off our kids birthday celebration.

  • Guion’s 9th birthday dinner celebration was at Benihana and we were lucky to have Mr. Trevor join us.
  • Hoke also selected Benihana for his big 8th birthday.
  • Guion played flag football with friends from school- his best position – center
  • Hoke played soccer and flag football and loved both
  • We were lucky to have Mia and Pop join us for the Labor Day weekend (and actually be with Hoke on his bday – extra special)
  • We took them to the cabin  – they loved it and we had a blast playing at the river – mac took pop and hoke fishing while mia and I hung out with Rae and Guion – we ate dinner outside and watched the sunset over the mountains and even cooked some s’mores – a great few days!!
  • Even Danny and Charlotte came up for a quick stop to check it all out
  • We had fun watching fireworks at glenmoor – kids ran around the whole time so not sure they even noticed!
  • All three kids participated in run for fund at school (running laps and raising money for the school) – Guion ran 31, Hoke ran 38 and Rae ran 22 – we were very proud of everyone (this is the first year Guion actually ran vs. walked with an adult – pretty stinking awesome to witness)
  • I officially was welcomed to the KW family business – very excited to get started on that work!
  • I caught Guion singing the star-spangled banner to the american flag early one morning before anyone else was up in the house
  • Rae continues to have a clothing style all her own – one day boy, one day girl – or she’ll just mix it all up!
  • Mac hosted a very successful RMDSA walk this year (again) – and we absolutely so loved all the family and friends support received yet again!!!
  • Mac and I left for our argentina dove hunt trip at the end of this month – we traveled with mom, dad, spence, the hubbards and a friend of spence’s

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