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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Decidely fun December

Although the month was a complete blur, we definitely had some good moments to remember. Some of the family moments include:IMG_5493

  • We had the opportunity to take the kids to the Broncos stadium and had a family photo taken on the field. Mind you it was absolutely freezing outside but the kids were good sports and were distracted by all the lights on the field.
  • Mac took the kids tree shopping and they go to see Santa
  • The kids helped me put the big light bulbs on the tree (old-school style) and hang ornaments. They loved it.IMG_5496
  • I took the kids to see Santa at the Cherry Hills Village tree lighting ceremony. They loved seeing him, drinking hot cocoa, eating candy canes, getting their faces painted and singing carols on the hayride.
  • For Christmas, Uncle Pete came in town for a week and the kids so enjoyed playing with him. They are still asking when he is coming back.
  • Cousin Kevin and his girlfriend Annie (from Bulgaria) also joined us for the holiday. The kids wrestled him regularly, with Annie looking on telling Kevin to not be too rough and him saying they were being. Aunt Cici and her boyfriend, Joe visited as well.
  • We started a new tradition of face-painting on Christmas night – kids and adults IMG_5459laid down on the ground and by group effort had their faces stenciled and painted.
  • We sadly said good-bye to our nanny, Lauren. The kids were extremely upset to see her go but we’ll hopefully see her again soon when the baby comes.
  • We found a renter for the old house since the right buyer hasn’t come along yet.
  • We had a great family day that involved seeing “Frozen”, lunch at Tokyo Joes, and painting pottery – Mac even painted a piece too – a butter dishIMG_5600
  • I took the kids boxing – they had a blast with Coach D, warming up and in the ring


  • It’s truly amazing to watch his development. He continues to amaze us with his quick reactions and responses to questions. He’s also regularly asking for things. If I give him a choice between two items, he often asks for a third option not offered. It is awesome to witness.


  • made a comment that he talked to the real santa and the fake santa. He asked for a bronco key necklace of the real sIMG_5441anta and something else of the fake santa – thank goodness the real santa brought him the necklace.
  • Hoke told me that Guion was the “King of Wrestling” – they’d been wrestling in the basement, Guion IMG_5443apparently picked Hoke up and was swinging him around and threw him into the cabinet.
  • Hoke asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I mentioned several items I had requested, one of which was running underwear. His response, “Gross, Mom, Santa makes underwear?”


  • IMG_5440IMG_5445Continues to love her Star Wars. She got a storm trooper from Santa along with a Storm trooper costume (which of course the boys have been loving putting on as well)

Quick story, I got stuck in memphis in an ice storm but made good use of my time getting to join my family and cousins at dinner at Lauren’s house and a relaxing Saturday with nieces and nephews and crew at Lauren’s before trying to take my second trip back to Denver that was cancelled.

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November 2013

We kicked off the month of November continuing our celebration of Rae’s birthday at Jumpstreet. She even got a surprise visitor – a Bounty Hunter (thanks Mac). SONY DSC Unfortunately we also lost Mac’s grandmother and went to North Carolina to celebrate her life. Ma is very much missed by everyone.

Some highlights of the month:

  • I went to check the height of the water in the pool and Rae decided it was a good time to go swimming – it was 40 degrees outside IMG_0026(don’t worry it is a slightly heated pool) and they all jumped in. Ended up freezing after awhile and I took everyone upstairs for a warm bath to get body temperatures back to normal. They ended up swimming two times that day. Crazy.
  • Now that we’ve got the new patio area complete, we have a nice flat area and we decided to play mini-tennis out back – it wasn’t overly successful but we had fun anyway
  • One of the kids favorite games is “Fe fi of fum” – they love for me (or Dad) to yell it, chasing them up the stairs and into their bedrooms – lots of laughter
  • The kids built a fort out of blankets and chairs – even Dad got in on the action and helped make the fort bigger and sturdier 🙂IMG_5323
  • Another one of their favorites is Hide and Seek – they have recently turned to hiding in cabinets which until I realized this made them almost impossible to find (deep breathing and laughter ends up giving them away)
  • after a birthday party one day everybody got balloons. They ended up making a game out of it in the car and making each other laugh – it was truly a beautiful sound; a hearty, tickle-box-turned-over laughter
  • Us adults had an amazing trip to the beach to celebrate Mom’s birthday (a few month’s late). Steph arranged for a bonfire on the IMG_5227beach – my first time ever in Florida – what a beautiful evening and weekend
  • For Thanksgiving we hosted dinner at our house for one of Mac’s friends, Brenda, and her daughter, Carter. Great, relaxing evening and lots for which to be thankful.
  • The weekend after Thanksgiving was beautiful and we decided to take the kids to Mt. Falcon for a hike and some climbing and then followed it with lunch in Morrison. we had a great time there at the lookout,IMG_5381 kids throwing snow at each other (a little remained on the ground) and racing up and down the trail.


  • Guion continues to be scared of monsters at night so I bought him a bed tent – hopefully he’ll start sleeping in his bed regularly (first night no, but second night yes) – he’ll still crawl up in his closet everyone in awhile when he’s scared and sleep there
  • He is showing great pre-reading skills and lots of progress on his sight words – it is fun to watch him point out the words and read
  • Guion did recently get in trouble for talking back at school – he does this regularly at home but hopefully we stop that and prevent it from happening at school again
  • Guion was invited to an impromptu play date with Charlie (when we ran into them at the Turkey Bowl)
  • Guion lost his second tooth too – and the tooth fairy paid him a visit


  • Since I was buying Guion a bed tent, in anticipation of Hoke’s request I bought him one as well. Rae wants one now but I think we’ve squelched that issue since they don’t make them that big
  • Hoke has shown some great reading skills and knows a ton of sight words and is regularly inquiring about words in everyday life
  • After Thanksgiving, we stopped by a friends and they were going to play flag football. we ended up joining them and Hoke got to play a little in their turkey bowl
  • On Veteran’s Day, Hoke was found marching around saying “we are the marines” in honor of his dad
  • I received a phone call from Hoke’s Principal, Molly, telling me that Hoke had been in earlier to visit her. He’d be caught peeing on the playground. She assured me this happens all the time but wanted me to know personally what had happened.


  • Rae had a blast at her birthday party and loved seeing her cake first-hand, although she did comment that next year’s cake would SONY DSChave 5 bounty hunters vs. the 3 this year.
  • One of Rae’s friend’s grandmother has recently commented on Rae’s artistic talent and has been encouraging us to support her efforts there
  • Rae is actually showing some fantastic pre-reading skills too. We have the boys read some sight word books before bed and now have Rae read them too.
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October 2013

Snow graced Denver the first day of October and then we hit Memphis full steam ahead in October to celebrate Tommy’s 40th birthday. We had an absolute blast with family and friends and the kids thoroughly enjoyed their cousins and hanging with Mia and Pop (and that hot tub and heated pool).

Some family activities in the month:

  • I brought back an old classic to my kids, drawing pigs on kids faces. They loved it and it was hilarious to watch them.SONY DSC
  • Getting ready for Halloween, we took the kids to pick out costumes and walked out with two (2) Ironman and The Hulk.IMG_5095
  • Took the kids to the pumpkin patch and everyone picked out their own pumpkin. When we got home, opened the pumpkins, scooped seeds and then carved them up. The kids also named their pumpkins. Guion named his pumpkin, “Monkey” and Hoke had “Pumpkie” and Rae of course named her’s “Ellie.”
  • I ran the Denver Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon and the Mac was sweet and brought everyone out to the finish line for support. After the race, we went home, dressed in costume and went to Monster Mash at the boys’ school. Later, I took Hoke to a birthday party and Guion and Rae hung with Dad and did some chores (changing light bulbs).
  • Came home from work on Monday after all these celebrations to find everyone with a low-grade fever. Lauren took the kids to the doctor and Hoke came back with strep throat only to find out two days later he actually never had it.
  • Nanny Lauren hosted a neighborhood party at her house and we got to join in. Hoke and I carved a fancy pumpkin while Guion and Rae played around everywhere else. I took the kids to the Aquarium and they enjoyed seeing all the fish, jellyfish and sharks and then jumped in the Photo Booth to document their day.

Halloween night we went back to the old neighborhood and started the evening off at a friends – we walked with the Weavers and the Frohardts and ended up losing a few of our own kids along the way. First we noticed Guion was gone so I went looking for him. He was running down a walk from a house having just gotten candy. I took him back up the hill to Mac only to hear no one had seen Hoke recently. I go back down the hill and find Hoke at the same place trick or treating.Apparently he’d left the group when he ran into a classmate and started trick-or-treating with him. I sent Hoke up the hill to the group, stopped and talked with an old neighbor and then got an email from Mac he was looking for Hoke (he had Guion in the car with him). Got a call from the Weavers they had Hoke so I went to get him only to then get a text from the Frohardts that they had Rae. We didn’t even realize she was missing – we did not win Parents of the Year that night.IMG_5152

Guion is having mostly good days at school but has been getting into a little trouble- pushing friends and not listening to directions
Guion has started sleeping in closet because he’s scared at night and he likes the intimate space – he feels safer in there.

Hoke has been cute about his recess activities with other friends. Apparently they are pretending to be spies and are “spying” on some of their girls friends at recess
I asked Hoke if he wanted to grow his hair out or go get it cut. He initially said grow it out. Then he shared he likes my hair longer and told IMG_5146me, “Mom, I’ll grow my hair out if you will.” I was cracking up at his negotiation skills.
Guion and Hoke get a hot lunch from school one day a week. Hoke absolutely loves the process and feels so big when he does.
We are seeing Hoke be a bit more sassy and a ton more sulky when things don’t go his way.

As rough and tumble (and dramatic) as Rae can be, she also has shown her mother hen side when someone is injured
Rae continues to love helping out in the kitchen and is always asking to participate. Most recently we made pigs-in-a-blanket.
Rae recently told “Guion, you’re the best Guion ever” and then began to play with his hair – it was a really sweet moment to witnessIMG_5148
We were having breakfast and I started dancing in my seat. Rae’s response to me, “Really mom?” I was in disbelief – she sounded so grown up.
Rae truly has one of the most expressive faces and I love listening to her talk about things that get her excited or riled up. She emphasizes just about every word and has facial expressions to go along with them – big eyes, raised eyebrows

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Celebrating September

September was jam packed with celebrations; Guion’s 7th birthday, Hoke’s 6th birthday and Mac’s 4th Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk.

Some highlights of the month involve:

Eating sushi at our new favorite restaurant, Land of Sushi. I’m very appreciative that my kids are willing to try new things and they have definitely enjoyed sushi. I took kids to pick out the birthday presents they want to give their sibling. A lot of fun to watch their decision-making process and indecision over what will be best then confident once the choice is made.  We had our final “all-family” swim of the season and it is so fun to be in the water with the kids as they play games and “surf” on Mac’s body board.

  • Celebrated his birthday at Benihana with the family (definitely my favorite spot)
  • Hosted his birthday party at Jungle Quest – multiple ziplines, rock climbing walls – and his friends, Leila and Jacob, were fighting over who gets to race with Guion – really cute to watch
  • Guion is talking even more in the abstract – which is wonderful but continues to catch us off guard
  • He’s showing great pre-reading skills – very interested in books, using his finger to point at words as he “reads”
  • Bus rides to and from school have overall been good but we’ve had a few bumps in the road (skirmish with a peer, not staying seated)
  • He’s got homework every night that includes working on sight words, spelling lists (100% on his second test), math homework


  • Celebrated birthday at Chuck E. Cheese – although the kids had a great time running from game to game, grabbing tickets and moving on, Mac and I have been telling the kids that Chuck E. Cheese is closed – we can’t imagine going back; the food was terrible
  • Hosted Hoke’s birthday party the day after Guion’s at Jungle Quest too – he had a great time racing friends and chasing friends
  • He’s really enjoying kindergarten, making new friends and talks about his new friends
  • Big interest in girls at school (specifically Lucy and Daisy). He and his friends are spys at recess and are often “spying” on the girls
  • Great job reading sight word books – still struggling a bit but works through the words by sounding out what he’s reading


  • 3 going on 13 with her attitude
  • Sugar and Spice – she can be such a sweetheart, comforting her brothers when someone gets injured and then the next second she’s the one doing the injuring
  • working on sight words books as well,
  • Overall she’s having pretty good days at school, being a good listener and keeping her hands to herself


We had a wonderful time at the walk this year. We were excited to host Dad, Lala, Stuart, Wilson, Parker and mac’s dad, Peter for the weekend. Everyone was a trooper helping set up tents on Saturday in preparation for the walk on Sunday. We cooked out and the kids swam on Saturday night enjoying their cousins’ company.

On Sunday, we had amazing weather and a great turnout of friends in addition to our family. I find the walk to be a wonderful reminder of the team of supporters that we have in our lives. We are very blessed.

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August 2013

August was met with great enthusiasm and lots of travel.


Our first trip was FL_Everyone_Boat_4with the extended Wilson family at Mom and Dad’s place. We all had an absolute blast. The kids played at the beach and enjoyed the ocean more than I thought. But they really had the most fun collecting seashells, jumping off sand hills, and playing tag with their cousins in the water.

Tommy Nored also took the kids out for a boat ride. We drove by the house and even picked up Spence III from the shore. And everybody even got to drive the boat for a bit.

Interval b/w

Stephanie flew back with us to Denver and helped me get more organized with house. It is a big task and she did a great job outlining all the possibilities. Now, I just need to find the tiem to work on it.

New Mexico

Our old nanny, Jennifer and her sister, Jessica, picked the kids up and drove them to Clovis for the second year in a row. They had so much IMG_4614fun with her and her family; played at the splash pad and with nerf guns that were quickly confiscated when they got back to Denver.

We took advantage of the time alone and used it as a mini-honeymoon for us. Dinner with friends, celebrating Mac’s bday with sushi and saki bombs as well as an entire season of Homeland helped us pass the time.


The weekend after New Mexico, we joined friends from church for a night of camping near Grand Lake. We pitched our six-man tent when we arrived and then headed out for a hike with everyone. The kids did great walking and enjoyed splitting their time with all the other kids. On our way back to the cars, we came across a female moose. The crazy thing is a man walking with his two dogs off leash came IMG_4679up behind us. The dogs ran up to the moose, barking. Next thing we knew, the moose actually kicked one of the dogs and then ran off. Dog was fine but it certainly was a close call.

Once back at camp we cooked dinner around the campfire and capped the evening off with s’mores and who doesn’t love s’mores. The kids went to sleep fairly well, however, extremely cold temps (for those of us thin-skinned and not prepared for summer in the mountains) woke Guion and Rae periodically making for an extra long evening in the cold. And to top it off, in the car ride home Rae threw up. Needless to say, we were exhausted when we got home and ended up doing a lot of napping.SONY DSC

Peter and D visit

The last weekend in August, Peter and Dianne stopped by on their tour of the West. The kids had a great time seeing them and D was great about baking cupcakes and decorating with everyone.


Guion started first grade with Mrs. Fawns and started the year out strong. He also began riding the bus to and from school IMG_4696with Hoke. His first week of school he got in a tiff with another student on the bus – the student was playing with his glasses and Guion got frustrated and grabbed the kid by his shirt expressing his emotions and definitely standing up for himself.

We also took Guion for a second opinion regarding his stomach pains. The good news is that they don’t see anything of concern that is worth exploring any further. Bad news, Guion still complains of stomach aches and we don’t really have a solution.


Hoke’s first day of kindergarten at CHVE started with a bus ride to school. Hoke has been a strong supporter of Guion and it has been fun to IMG_4705watch him interact with Guion in such a caring, brotherly way. Hoke held Guion’s hand as they walked to get on the IMG_4716bus (Guion was slow to get to the bus).

I met him at the bus drop off and then walked him to his class line. He was nervous but put on a good front at the same time. He’s definitely settled into a routine and made some good new friends.


Rae iIMG_4669s continuing her Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde routine with moments of acting so mature, helpful and caring contrasted with moments of IMG_4731temper tantrums, whining, laying on the ground crying.

Rae is really taken with the dogs and continues to show them their picture in the family photo album.

Also the camping trip gave Rae an opportunity to strengthen her obsession with Spencer, son of a friend from church. She cracks me up how she follows him around and bats her eyes at him.

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July 2013

We spent the first full month in our new house and had a blast enjoying the new surroundings, most specifically the pool. And we’ve seen a ton of progress with the kids and their swimming abilities over the last four weeks. We started out with Hoke swimming on his own and Guion and Rae a little too timid to go far. By the end of the month, everyone is swimming across the pool (and sometimes the length of the pool) unassisted.

One weekend evening we had dinner at a friends and the kids had a blast exploring their backyard which included a view of an emu, making smores in the rain and feeding chickens.

July also marked the end of an era for me at First Western.  And although unclear of exactly what the future holds for work, I’m excited about the beginning work on a branding project for KWI.

We spent the 4th of july with the ulles where I quickly learned the importance of needing to understanding the skill set of swimmers you are watching. All ended ok but it was bit frightening in the moment.

Since Baby Webb decided to join this world a month early, Mia and Pop found themselves with a weekend free in July. Lucky for us, they chose to spend it with us in Denver. The kids were very excited about touring them around the new digs and holding Pop hostage in the pool. Being the good daughter that I am, I wanted to heat the pool to a comfortable temperature – not having a clue what I was doing, we found the pool at 106 degrees – too hot for anyone to stay in very long.

We attempted our behind-the-scenes tour at the zoo (last one was snowed out in April) again. We had a blast and had the opportunity to feed a gerenuk (mom and baby) as well as watch them train two hyenas – fascinating how smart these animals are.

Back to swimming with the kids since this was a favorite pastime of ours.

You could find Hoke holding his breath across the length of the pool as well as diving eight feet to get something at bottom of pool.  Rae attempted the slide one time and felt that was enough. Guion is becoming such a strong swimmer, loving the slide and sometimes using the freestyle stroke to get to the side.


We have seen Guion begin talking in the abstract, which is absolutely fantastic from a developmental perspective, but it presents a challenge because sometimes we’re unable to understand his question or comment. Mac traveled one weekend in July for his annual boys trip – Guion asked where he was then followed it up with “I miss him. Also one afternoon, Guion looked at our nanny, Lauren, and said, “Lauren, you’re ridiculous.”

Now that we are in the new house, Guion has his own room but we’ve found this transition more difficult than expected as he is scared to sleep at night – monsters in the closet. We’re working through some ideas – the most current one being we sit on the couch outside his room until he goes to bed. As he become more comfortable with this concept, we’ll start to move further away, then move to regular check-ins then hopefully nothing.

Guion has been complaining of stomach issues for the last six months. We’ve had blood work done that showed no signs of inflammation, celiac’s disease etc. We took him to a pediatric gastroenterologist who recommended an ultrasound.  The ultrasound showed something in his gallbladder but in conclusive so we had to do a follow-up ultrasound to determine if it is a gallstone or sludge (indicator gallbladder not operating correctly). The second ultrasound didn’t show anything so they are recommending a endoscopy and colonoscopy. We’re taking him for a second opinion before putting him under for the procedures.

In an effort to fill some of Guion’s free time and help him maintain his friendships over the summer, we hosted his friend, Jacob, for a swim play date. The boys had a great time together eating lunch, playing on play set and swimming.

Hoke – had a great time at his summer Adventure Camp that Fisher hosts for graduating kids – a few fields trips on a bus and several walking field trips at DU.

As much fun as Hoke had at camp, he repeatedly asked about when school was starting. He is very excited about going into Kindergarten, being at the same school as Guion and riding the bus. And we’re looking forward to getting him into a more challenging school environment as I hope it will help keep him more engaged and out of trouble.

Unfortunately we are still struggling with Hoke’s continued lying. Here are some examples:

  • Walking at a park with his teacher about 10 miles from our house, Hoke points at a house and says, “that’s our house.” Teacher knows us and questions him on it and he admits it is not ours.
  • Toy left at front desk of school, Hoke saw it on his way into school and decided to tell his teacher it is his. They go back to get it and it is gone, everyone starts looking for it and he holds strong to his story. When Lauren picks up, she clarifies that it isn’t his and Hoke has to make an apology to the teachers and director.
  • And don’t fret that he’s leaving us at home out of the fun. No way! We, too, get to listen to his lies whether it is avoiding trouble and doing something he knows he shouldn’t.

We signed Hoke up for a lacrosse camp this summer and aside from the 100 degree heat and  smoke from nearby fires he seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. He is such a natural athlete that I expect he’ll be playing sports for a while.

Hoke is definitely our dare devil and now we’ve found him climbing trees in the backyard – I have to admit I love that we have mature enough trees that allow him to do this- reminds me of climbing the magnolias in the backyard at blackthorn cove.

When the kids were making cookies with Lauren, Hoke commented, “Guion is an expert on cookie-making” this is in  light of the fact that Guion has baked cookies without the others before.

Rae –

Rae has a new found love for the dogs. It is precious to watch her in the mornings when she wakes up. One of the first things she does is go outside to greet them.  Most recently she saw a picture of the dogs in one of our photo albums and insisted on taking it out to show Shadow. When she came back in she informed me how much he enjoyed seeing it.

She also helps me feed the dogs – scooping the food and pouring water in the bowls. I’m adding it to her chore chart soon. J

Rae loves to be in the kitchen helping – apron and all.  I have to admit she’s become an expert egg-cracker with minimal mess.

Rae has recently shown a high interest in boys (older ones mind you) – more so than I would have expected at her age. I hosted a few girlfriends and their kids when our husbands we’re away on the boys’ trip. One of the boys was named Will and Rae flirted with him all evening. It started with Rae changing out of her brothers swim gear into a two piece then as soon as she was back in the water she started calling out “come and get me, Will.”  Finally had to tell Rae to back down and give him a rest. She then turned her attention to Jack for a bit. Before the evening was over she was back to Will. We’re in big trouble.

Rae started her new classroom at Fisher this month as well – The Royal Ravens. She seemed to have a good time and a fairly easy transition to the new room.

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Joyful June

What a great month! We moved into our beautiful new home but unfortunately joined the ranks of two home owners (hopefully not for long- anyone want to move to Cherry Hills Village – great five bedroom house – awesome neighborhood.) The new house has a pool and the kids have been enjoying as much time in the pool as possible.

Our sweet neighbors from the old hood through us a going-away party that entailed BBQ and watermelon as well as a sign that stated “Gone on … Git”

We moved in on a Wednesday and the kids were all in school when the movers came and we quickly unpacked as much as possible to get the kids’ rooms ready before they came home. Rae’s reaction upon seeing her room and her “new” bed was priceless – there was lots of yelling then “Wait! Is this the guest bedroom?” (Her new bed was the old guest bed.) Hoke proceeded to fly like airplane around and around his room. That night Hoke asked Mac, “Dad, you sleeping with us?” and Mac responded, “no” but before he could explain why, Hoke did it for him, “Because we’re separated.”

The first Friday after we moved in, I experienced a lauren moment. Our new security system has emergency buttons with basically direct calls to the appropriate responder.  While everyone was outside, Guion pushed the red fire button. I heard the alarm and ran inside to turn it off. Once off, I scolded him for touching – he smiled. I think thought yikes I should call the alarm company and tell them false alarm. I tried dialing several times with no luck due to lack of cell service – go out to the street and finally get through only to be told they may still show up. Indeed, they showed up to check on us just as I discovered that Guion had opened the pool cover so he could go swimming. I’m trying to close the cover as I’m certain a kid or dog would go swimming while back turned but it got stuck. And that is when I hear the fire truck pull up. Hoke is in skates for the third time in his life and can’t figure out how to get back to driveway. So I have to go through gate to get to front of house – when I get there, I find fireman Ryan talking with guion and rae asking to speak with their parent (love they opened the door to total stranger). This is not my finest moment. Kids introduce themselves and then go to see fire truck – hoke, still in skates, busts and gets upset so I pick him up and shoo everyone inside.

We had a wonderful trip to Orlando to see Peter, Diane and Kevin and stayed at Orange Lake. We spent three great days swimming in the lazy river and relaxing in the cabana. We met two great families while swimming and the kids enjoyed playing with their new friends.

Guion did run off on me one day though. He was anxious to get upstairs with his Dad to see Peter and D as they had just arrived. I was packing everything up from the cabana and telling our new friends good-bye. I looked around to walk back and realized Guion was not with Hoke and Rae. We searched around, got the pool team involved in the search only to be told by a passing family who recognized the panic in my face that Guion had made it into the building and was riding the elevator to the eighth floor (where we were staying). Joe, who works at OLCC, was great and let Guion show him which room.

Peter and D made a delicious hungarian meal in the unit and Hoke and D cooked some pastry cookies for dessert. I have very fond memories of Medieval Times from growing up and couldn’t wait to share the experience with the kids. Mac was a willing participant and purchased the tickets but apparently, I’m the only one of the six who enjoyed the experience. The kids liked watching the knights on the horses but I think they got a bit nervous when the arena got dark and loud. We dutifully cheered on the yellow knight and Rae was rewarded by receiving a princess sash for her “region” The knight won some contest and brought the sash to her on the tip of a joust – she pulled it off and wore for the rest of the evening. So cute.

Hoke has definitely been pushing the behavior envelope recently requiring him to spend some extra time by himself in time out.

Rae seems to have matured in the last few weeks – she certainly still has drama moments but watching her interact with her brothers has been fun as it seems to be more on a peer level than a baby sister level.

Rae recently told me that she had sleepies coming out of her legs  (aka, her legs were tired)

One morning before school, the kids were playing all around the house together . I was surprised at how well they played together and for an extended period of time too. I was getting ready for work when all of the sudden I realized I didn’t hear anyone. I looked out over the balcony to see them on the landing of the stairs, laying in wait for Ms. Lauren to come. They were scheming to scare her and everyone was in on it – quietly waiting.

Wrapping up the month was an impromptu gathering with some friends and their kids at our home.

Many friends ended up staying and swimming until after 10pm and I know my kids had a blast but were also exhausted the next day from all the fun.

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Merry Month of May

Celebrating the new house

Celebrating the new house

May proved to be just as busy as every other month we’ve had recently. We finally closed on our new house and everyone is extremely excited. Mac has been moving us one truck load at a time since the day we closed and the kids are often asking to go to the new house to play. Incredibly, Mac and I IMG_4008celebrated 13 years of marriage with an enjoyable evening out with just the two of us. Also with the month of may comes my birthday, which thankfully falls near Memorial Day, and makes for a good excuse for a White Trash house party. We also carried on the birthday tradition of dinner at Benihana.IMG_0022

Mac traveled to NC to see his grandmother so the kids and I kept busy all weekend with different activities. One breakfast we spent at the Pancake House. As we sat waiting on our breakfast, the kids were playing toys and I thought how much easier life was with them these days – everyone was behaving pretty well. Then as we were wrapping up to go, the waitress came by to say that the couple next to us bought breakfast. This is an extremely generous act and very much appreciated (I thanked them profusely). That being said, it did make me question how put together we looked in reality.

This same weekend, we bought bikes for Rae and Guion. Rae had been riding a bike with pedals but it started to fall apart and Mac pitched it so she was in need of some new wheels. Guion had outgrown his Stryder bike and I was debating what our options were for him. When I showed him the bike, he got on and started pedaling so I immediately purchased it and decided now was the time to convert. When we got home, he quickly jumped on the bike tried pedaling and then jumped off just as quickly – it was a little more difficult than he had expected. He’s continued to persevere and has been riding it off and on which is fun to watch.

We did ride bikes (guion on his stryder)  in the neighborhood and it was such a fun glimpse into the future where we go out of the neighborhood and explore (safely).



Last day of kindergarten

Guion is showing so much more independence these days. Often when I offer to help with some task, he responds, “No, Mom. I do it.” Another example occurred at Hoke’s soccer practice. A dad was sitting with his dog watching his son play. Guion started petting the dog and then talking to the dad. I went to the other side of the field to check on Rae then went back to see Guion.  He was practically pushing me away so he could sit and talk to the dad more, and without me.

G with his friend Jacob after the continuation ceremony

G with his friend Jacob after the continuation ceremony

Had Guion’s IEP meeting to discuss goals with his team of specialists at CHVE. We’re thrilled about his progress this past year and excited about what is to come in first grade. We’re working with the team members to focus how they can accomplish their goals in the classroom vs. pulling him out of class understanding that there will be some targeted pull outs when working on some foundational skills.

We also were invited to participate in a collaboration day with Patti McVay (inclusion expert) and included Guion’s specialists from school an

d home. The school was amazing and accommodated schedules so that Guion’s first grade teacher could join as well. It was great to meet her (Becky) and get to know her before school starts up. She’s even done an afternoon with Guion in his kindergarten class and reached out to specialists to discuss some accommodations for next year’s curriculum.

Guion was very sad he wasn’t going with me to Memphis and he explained to me there were really three that should be on the trip – showing three

fingers and then explaining who “hoke, guion, rae.” I felt horrible but it’ll make his trip that much more fun.

Guion’s last day of kindergarten was also the last day of May. I can’t believe he’ll be in 1st grade soon. He’s growing up so fast.

For my trip to Memphis, I took Hoke to give us some one-on-one time but also so he’d get to see/play with everyone in Memphis. He was so excited that he laid his clothes out for the Memphis trip. He had such great fun with his cousins and was extremely sad to leave with tears flowing even a day later.

Also on our trip to Memphis, Hoke and I headed to Jackson for lunch with Grandaddy Webb. Hoke had a great time meeting Bud, exploring the houseIMG_3902 and traipsing through Gdad’s rose garden.

Hoke remarked recently, “Mom, I’m the smartest in our family because I remember everything and you for

get a lot.” And along the lines of funny comments from Hoke, he also said “Ooohhh, butterfly” (in awe) then pregnant pause.”Hey, do butterflies make butter?

Hoke continues to show his softer side. At the new house, there is a playset and one day, I let the kids take their lunch out to eat. Guion couldn’t get up the ladder with this food so I watched as Hoke climbed down and helped Guion with no one asking but Guion.

the spirit of I don't know

the spirit of I don’t know

Hoke’s class had an art show and he was so proud to show us all of his work. Our favorite piece was titled The Spirit of I Don’t Know. He most certainly has a creative side.

Hoke’s parent-teacher conference went extremely well. He’s on the upper end of all of his assessments and his teacher was very complimentary of how well he’s doing in the class academically and socially. We’re so proud of his development.


Accepting her Derby award


Rae and I still continually butt heads over the dumbest things but she honestly is one of the cutest kids and can be one of the sweetest too. She’s a great help around the kitchen. She’s been helping me make eggs in the morning and is quite proficient at cracking them and not getting eggshell in the bowl.

Rae’s class hosted a Derby party and each child named their “horse.” Rae selected “Toody Ta” and was the jockey too.

Now that Rae has her bike, she’s loves it so much that she wants to ride when she first wakes up. She also truly loves the dogs and has so much fun playing in the backyard, sitting and petting them.


We also had Rae’s parent -teacher conference that covered her great progress as well with some concern that she’s regressed in the last few weeks. We believe all the transition talk with the house has possibly contributed to this step back.

Unfortunately, we ended the month with Rae getting sick (and the other two following). She was so subdued but maintained good spirits the whole time.

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April 2013


I believe our DVR of Life is stuck on fast forward. When I begin to reflect on the month so I can share some major points, I realize I’m halfway through the next month and have to catch up there too.

Quick family update:

We’re under contract for a new house (in our same school district), our house is on the market and I just wrapped up one of my largest construction projects at the bank. Throw in a couple of snowstorms, a trip to the Masters for Mac and a girls trip to Sonoma; it was a blur.


IMG_3737IMG_3693All the kids are doing remarkably well. I introduced the kids to the finale songs from the movie Pitch Perfect and they insist we listen to them every time we’re in my car.

We took everyone to a Rapids (professional soccer) game and so much fun with the whole family going on the outing. Guion struggled with noise but when Mac took the kids back the following week, he gave him headphones and it worked perfectly to keep him calm and engaged.

In an effort to keep everyone out of the house for showings, Mac took us all up to Evergreen for some hiking. It entailed walking on some trails and letting the kids climb around on the rocks. Yampa went too, so the kids enjoyed leading him around on the leash. We stopped at the Creekside Inn in the town of Evergreen for lunch – very cute town

Guion has really started to show his love of singing. We’ve been singing Amazing Grace at night before bed and now he’s regularly joining in as well as singing songs in the car.

I continue to be amazed at the breadth of Guion’s vocabulary these days along with his longer sentences. I thank our therapists and Lauren for really working with him on all of these items.

Guion’s letter and number recognition and writing is coming along nicely. He often needs prompts to write his letters but then some days he will surprise you by needing no help at all. When it comes to counting he seems to be allergic to the number 3 – many times stopping or skipping the number.

We’ve been saying Hoke is a natural athlete (and a consummate klutz) and he continues to prove us right. He and Guion started soccer up again this IMG_3589spring but Hoke was the only who ended up playing. He did a great job dribbling the ball, scoring goals, throwing the ball in (regularly to himself mind you) and blocking shots on goal. He really enjoys defense and is often back at the goal even when his four man team is running to the other side.

Hoke really is such a daredevil. I took him to a friend’s gymnastics birthday party where he proceeded to run down the mat, jump on a spring board and do a flip onto foam mat. I was very impressed with not only his ability to flip but also his bravado in trying.

April was haircut time for the kids again and Hoke continued with his decision to get a buzz cut. Every time, he reminds of a young Mac.


IMG_3522I sent this picture to Mom and Dad with the caption, “Rae’s version of anger management.” Rest assured she wasn’t actually mad when she took the croquet mallet to the fire pit. She just enjoyed breaking things.

IMG_3651I made the mistake of signing Rae up for soccer without asking her if she wanted to play. The first (and apparently last) day of practice she fought me to even attend. I promised her only one day as long she went that first one, hoping she would have so much fun she’d want to return on her own accord. After her first warm-up session, she looked at me as if she’d accomplished her goal and stated, “Mom, see. I did one.” When I explained she was going to play the whole time, she wasn’t happy but did participate. The following week she was quick to confirm she was not going to be playing any time soon.

In the middle of April, I noticed a change in Rae. It is almost inexplicable but something was different (in a good way). We still have drama but there seems to be a small ability to reason with her, more than we’d seen before. We have also tried to introduce a little more structure, telling her she only has one chance to correct the behavior or there will be a consequence. We’ve also attempted to limit her free time asking her to help while we get ready for dinner – she loves helping in the kitchen or getting clothes out for the boys etc.

Thankfully her teachers say she is having better days at school, too. Hopefully the trend will continue. Fingers crossed.

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